Friday, August 11, 2006

Mightier Than the Sword

Mightier Than Sword
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Dear You,

You sure as hell think you're the best there is. Amazing. You may think that just because you are in that position, you can easily dismiss people, be bossy and be as bitchy as you can be. I don't think so. I know i shlould be angry with the way you treat me, no, treat people...but i just pity you.

I feel sorry for you that your zero social life and non-existent sex life has been replaced by chismis and work. I feel bad that that is the only way you can feel life, be passionate and "live" out your existence.

You might think you have won the "battle" just because i'm leaving. But i feel like i won. I feel better, actually, for not stooping to your level and spread rumors about you. I feel good that i didn't have to resort to angry shouts of confrontation with you. I feel great that after one more week, i won't have to see you prancing about, walking around like it's part of your daily duties in the office (it's not....SERIOUSLY.) One more week then i won't have to see your ugly mug smiling that plastic smile and ruin my whole day. :-)

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